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The Sun Devil wheels have come off

Arizona State has lost four in row

Arizona State v California Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

People at Arizona State talk about being on “The Herm train”. Right now there could be a ton of people looking for the next stop, so they can get off that train. After losing on Saturday night to Oregon State the Sun Devils have lost four games in a row.

The wheels on this train have fallen off.

The season for Arizona State started off with a ton of hope and a 5-1 record. Now, it’s looking like the same old story for this football program. Start off the season well, end with a thud.

Arizona State now sits at 5-5 overall and 2-5 in the Pac-12 Conference. The Sun Devils are tied for last in the Pac-12 South Division with their in-state rival, Arizona. The best this Sun Devil team can do is finish the regular season at 7-5. Not exactly something the team, alumni, or students can hang their hat on in terms of a successful season.

Over the course of this four game losing streak the Sun Devils have had the misfortune of getting themselves way behind their opponents. The deficits have been so great that it’s almost embarrassing to mention.

NCAA Football: Southern California at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

However, I will.

Against Utah, the Sun Devils were just overmatched in this game. The Sun Devils lost 21-3 which doesn’t seem to bad, but the Devils were never really in the game. Utah’s defense was not going to let Arizona State back in the game. Quarterback, Jayden Daniels, had a game he would like to forget.

The UCLA game was were you could see the wheels coming off of the season. UCLA was a team that most Sun Devil fans believed could be beat. Nope. UCLA was up 42-10 going into the fourth quarter because they were running all over the Sun Devils. The defense was horrendous and Arizona State paid for it.

Against USC there was more of the same that we saw against UCLA. Except this time it was getting down big early because of bad pass defense. The Trojans came in and got a gigantic first quarter from their offense. It was 28-7 after one quarter. Arizona State tried to rally in the end, but lost 31-26.

The only game in this losing streak that they did not get down big was the Oregon State game. Due to a failed two point conversion on a questionable play call the Sun Devils lost the game. There was also a fumble going into the end zone by the Sun Devils that cost the team another score.

During this losing streak the Sun Devils have been outscored 129-100. More than four touchdowns of difference.

Arizona State have given up 235 points so far this season. Ironically, the Sun Devils have also scored 235 points this season. With the Oregon Ducks and their high flying offense coming to Tempe this Saturday the amount of points that the Devils will give up has the possibility to go through the roof.

Oregon is trying to get in the College Football Playoff, so if the Ducks get up quick they will want to get some style points with the Playoff Committee by burying Arizona State.

Football is the ultimate team game, so the blame for all of this lands squarely on the backs of every player and coach. However, the Arizona State defense needs to get off the field much more than they have been. The offense for the Sun Devils needs to operate at a much high clip too. Arizona State’s offensive line needs to get Eno Benjamin going as well.

Now, I know that the youth of the team can explain some of the trouble. However, does it excuse the coaches? Herm Edwards? Sun Devil fans have expected more out of Coach Edwards and his coaches who have a ton of college and pro experience.

Right now, Arizona State fans are not getting a good return on investment.

If the Sun Devils drop below .500 after their game with the Oregon Ducks then the boo birds just may be a little louder at Sun Devil Stadium.

I also know that the Sun Devils like to point to their recruiting successes, but recruiting is like gambling. You win some, you lose some. The players have to perform well to make it look like the coaches are getting the players that fit their program.

Sun Devil fans have been fed these same kind of lines before with their program. When will this all pay off? That is hard to say.

In the last four years the Sun Devil program is 25-26 under Todd Graham and Herm Edwards. This is epitome of slightly below average.

Herm Edwards was 7-6 last year and he’s on pace for another season like that. That is not going to get it done. He’s not on the hot seat, but Coach Edwards knows this kind of record won’t help him keep his job.

The Sun Devils should be better than what they are showing. Some people might make the argument that they are, but you are what your record says you are.

Let me ask this question: Are you better off now than you were under Coach Graham Sun Devil fans?