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Pacific Takes Pac-12 bowl projections 11/20: Utah heads to the Rose Bowl and Oregon to the Cotton Bowl

The bowl picture is becoming a little more clear.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Utah Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rose Bowl - Utah vs. Penn State - I’m giving the edge to the Utes over Oregon for now. They’ve looked better passing the eye test since their loss to USC and I actually like their QB, RB, OL, WR/TE, and entire defense right now.

Cotton Bowl - Oregon vs. Cincinnati - Whoever loses the P12CG should land in Dallas as long as they don’t lose a game in the next two weeks, and neither should.

Alamo Bowl - Washington vs. Baylor - The Huskies are hard to trust, but they should be able to beat Colorado and Washington State and slide into the conference’s best non-NY6 bowl spot.

Holiday Bowl - USC vs. Iowa - USC has just one more game and then will have a lot of time to decide what they’re doing with Clay Helton (if they haven’t already) and get ready for a solid bowl game.

Redbox Bowl - Arizona State vs. Indiana - My instinct was to put Cal here, but I’ve heard the Redbox Bowl doesn’t like the local schools so they’ll take a different 6-6 team.

Sun Bowl - Cal vs. Virginia - The Bears should beat Stanford and punch their ticket to a bowl game this Saturday.

Las Vegas Bowl - Washington State vs. Boise State - The Cougars win a bowl eligibility play-in game against Oregon State this weekend and land in the Pac-12’s last bowl spot.