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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 11/6: Oregon and Utah...then who?

We update our power rankings after taking a few weeks off.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Southern California Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I missed Power Rankings for a few weeks, so I’m noting the general direction the team has gone the past few weeks instead of what their previous ranking was.

  1. Oregon 8-1 6-0 (Stock rising) - The Ducks have lived up to the preseason hype and glued themselves to the top of the conference. It seems the only chance to knock them off of here will be if Utah can knock them off in the Pac-12 Championship Game.
  2. Utah 8-1 5-1 (Stock rising) - the other preseason hyped team that’s defied the cynics and lived up to it. They’re winning the South as long as they can avoid an upset and you could easily make a case for them being the top team in the conference right now.
  3. Washington 5-4 2-4 (Stock falling) - A 2-4 team in November is the third-best team in the Pac-12? Yeah, that’s how crazy this season is. The Huskies are 0-2 the past three weeks yet have maybe risen the rankings during that time given that they played Oregon and Utah better than anyone else who has played both of those teams.
  4. USC 5-4 4-2 (Stock falling) - The Trojans had the perfect opportunity to flex their muscle, beat Oregon and steal the South by not getting upset after that. They did not do that in a big way and now the hope has to be simply to not completely implode in the last few weeks.
  5. Stanford 4-4 3-3 (Stock rising) - It’s been a weird season for Stanford, even for them. Their offenses and defenses seem to take turns surprising and disappointing and they seem like a different team week-to-week. They have a great chance to close strong though.
  6. Oregon State 4-4 3-2 (Stock rising) - Are the Beavers really in the top half of the conference? Yes. Does that mean the Beavers are that good or the conference is that bad? Both.
  7. UCLA 4-5 4-2 (Stock rising) - Another one of the weirdest seasons I can ever remember. The Bruins are cruising in Pac-12 play after a rough patch against Arizona and Oregon State.
  8. Arizona State 5-3 2-3 (Stock falling) - Losing at Utah no problem. Losing at UCLA by 10 not great. Losing at Colorado at home. That looks back now.
  9. Washington State 4-4 1-4 (Stock rising) - The Cougars are so close to being in control of the North. They only have one conference loss if they hold on against Arizona State, UCLA, and Oregon.
  10. Cal 4-4 1-4 (Stock plummeting) - That win at Washington feels so long ago for the Bears, well, because it is. They’re going to have to fight just to get even one more win. A sad, unlucky season in Berkeley in what should have been a breakout year.
  11. Arizona 4-5 2-4 (Stock falling) - The Wildcats sure feel like the same team every year now outside of that one little run when Khalil Tate first took off, and it’s not good.
  12. Colorado 3-6 1-5 (Stock falling) - The Buffs are fading down the stretch again and seem to be fading back into irrelevancy in the Pac-12 after winning the South in 2016.