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Pac-12 NCAA Tournament watch 2/11/19: Washington Huskies still only Pac-12 team in

Checking in Pac-12 teams as the NCAA Tournament nears.

NCAA Basketball: Washington at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


Washington 19-4 (10-1)

Seed: 6-7

Washington is still in safe and sound, but they can’t afford to lose many more and not win the Pac-12 Tournament with how poorly the conference is regarded this year. Losing one conference game should be more than forgivable though and hopefully keep them off the dreaded 8/9 spot.

Toughest remaining game: Oregon 3/9

On The Bubble

Oregon 15-9 (6-5)

Seed: NIT

The Ducks still have work to do, but they’re the scariest team in the Pac-12, if healthy, in my opinion. Their schedule is very tough down the stretch though. Every game will be a challenge.

Toughest remaining game: at Washington 3/9

Arizona State 16-7 (7-4)

Seed: NIT

The Sun Devils committed suicide then saved themselves by getting blasted by Washington State and then blasting Washington in Tempe in a span of three days. That win over the Huskies doesn’t erase the sting of the Cougar lose though and their out of the tournament right now in my opinion.

Toughest remaining game: at Oregon 2/28

Oregon State 15-8 (7-4)

Seed: NIT

The Beavers had a suicide loss like the Sun Devils did, getting blown out by Stanford at home. They have a good conference record that will help them if they can keep it up, but, like the Ducks, they also have a really tough slate ahead.

Toughest remaining game: at Washington 3/6

Still Alive

Utah 13-10 (7-4)

Seed: NIT

The Utes are still alive because of a good conference record, but their stockpile of unimpressive non-conference losses probably kill them. They will get on the bubble if they close strong enough though.

Toughest remaining game: at Washington 2/20

USC 13-11 (6-5)

Seed: NIT-C tournament

The Trojans are probably dead after getting swept by the mountain schools in LA, but they aren’t completely dead yet.

Toughest remaining game: at Utah 3/7

Colorado 14-9 (5-6)

Seed: NIT-C tournament

Colorado came alive this weekend with a road sweep of the LA schools. Watch for the to make a run down the stretch.

Toughest remaining game: at Washington 2/23

Arizona 14-10 (5-6)

Seed: NIT-c tournament

Arizona is probably dead without winning the Pac-12 Tournament, but I’ll give them name some credit if they can win out through the regular season.

Toughest remaining game: at Oregon 3/2