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Pac-12 2019 NCAA Tournament watch: Arizona State and Oregon schools trying to stay on the bubble

Checking in on the Pac-12’s 2019 NCAA Tournament stock.

NCAA Basketball: Washington at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports


Washington 20-5 (11-1)

Seed: 6-7

The Huskies inched out a win on the road against a rapidly-improving Washington State team and it gets them closer to clinching the Pac-12 regular season title. That title though...meaningless. The Huskies might not be able to prove enough in the regular season guarantee an at-large spot should they stumble early in the Pac-12 Tournament.

Toughest remaining game: Oregon State 3/6

On The Bubble

Arizona State 17-8 (8-5)

Seed: 11-NIT

Non-conference wins over Mississippi State, Utah State and Kansas and a decent conference record keeps the Sun Devils in right now, barely. They have little margin for error down the stretch though.

Toughest remaining game: at Oregon State 3/3

Oregon State 16-8 (8-4)

Seed: NIT

The Beavers are quietly keeping themselves in Tournament striking distance. What’s left of their regular season schedule is really tough though and they’ll have to close strong to get at-large consideration.

Toughest remaining game: at Washington 3/6

Hanging by a thread

Oregon 15-10 (6-6)

Seed: NIT

Getting swept by the Beavers may have been the final nail in the Ducks’ coffin this year. They have a tough road ahead in the regular season and may have to be near-perfect to remain an at-large threat.

Toughest remaining game: at Washington 3/9

Utah 14-11 (8-5)

Seed: NIT-C Tournament

The Utes have been pretty good in-conference, but that means nothing this year. They probably have to win out to make the Tournament at this point.

Toughest remaining game: at Washington 2/20

Colorado 16-9 (7-6)

Seed: NIT-C Tournament

Like the Utes, the Buffs have come on as of late and have been playing well in-conference, but it doesn’t amount for much nationally. They’ll have to stretch their current winning streak for a long time to become a serious at-large contender.

Toughest remaining game: at Washington 2/23