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2019 Pacific Takes Post-Spring Pac-12 bowl projections: Washington goes back to Rose Bowl

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Let’s update our bowl projections after Spring football.

Colorado v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Rose Bowl - Washington vs. Michigan - I’m still sticking with Washington winning the Pac-12 again in 2019. They have the right combination of talent, coaching, and schedule.

Cotton Bowl - Utah vs. Texas - I like Utah’s schedule. Oh, I also really like their team. I think they could easily end up with just 1-2 losses and land in a NY6 bowl even if they don’t win the conference.

Alamo Bowl - Stanford vs. Oklahoma State - The Cardinal are a sleeper team to watch in 2019. They get Oregon and Washington at home and avoid Utah in the South. It’s been a long time since they haven’t won the North when they get UO and UW in Palo Alto and they have really nice pieces coming back.

Holiday Bowl - Oregon vs. Penn State - Keep in mind that the Ducks went 5-4 in Pac-12 play last year and that was with one of the most-friendly schedules in conference history and going 3-1 in games either decided by 2 points or less or in overtime. This would be a solid landing spot for them in 2019.

Redbox Bowl - Cal vs. Minnesota - Cal’s defense is going to carry them to quite a few wins next year and land them in the Bay Area bowl so their fans can not pack the place.

Sun Bowl - Washington State vs. Florida State - I know, we keep sleeping on Washington State, but they have to drop down at least a few slots at some point, right?

Las Vegas Bowl - USC vs. Boise State - USC is back! Well, not really, but back in a bowl game.

Cheez-It Bowl - Arizona State vs. West Virginia - Hometown bowl for the Sun Devils in what should be a semi-rebuilding year.

New Mexico Bowl - UCLA vs. Nevada - The Bruins will make their way into an at-large bowl.