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Pacific Takes Top 25 9/16: Arizona State jumps into Top 25

Half of the Pac-12 finds itself in the Top 25 heading into conference play.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Clemson 3-0
  2. Alabama 3-0
  3. Georgia 3-0
  4. Ohio State 3-0
  5. Oklahoma 3-0
  6. LSU 3-0
  7. Notre Dame 2-0
  8. Florida 3-0
  9. UCF 3-0
  10. Auburn 3-0
  11. Utah 3-0 - Utah has a chance to give themselves a huge lead in the South at the start of conference play if they can win at USC Friday night. The Trojans showed themselves exceptionally mortal at BYU, losing a game that Utah basically controlled just two weeks before. However, the Utes winning at USC is a historic feat to overcome.
  12. Texas 2-1
  13. Oregon 2-1 - The Ducks can start climbing the ladder toward the CFP starting this week if they can win against a struggling Stanford team in Palo Alto. Three weeks into the season they feel like the most-complete team in the Pac-12.
  14. Washington State 3-0 - Anthony Gordon and the Cougars grabbed a really nice win at Houston. They officially are a major contender to the win the Pac-12 and have another strong team up in Pullman.
  15. Iowa 3-0
  16. Wisconsin 2-0
  17. Cal 3-0 - The Bears looked a lot like they did against UCDavis against North Texas as they toughed out a six-point. They still have their win at Washington stashed and now get a chance to make a minor statement if they can win at Mississippi.
  18. Michigan 2-0
  19. Penn State 3-0
  20. Texas A&M 2-1
  21. Arizona State 3-0 - It wasn’t pretty, but the Sun Devil won at Michigan State and scored a huge non-conference win. They’ve earned the right to be ranked heading into conference play.
  22. Boise State 3-0
  23. Washington 2-1 - The Huskies are still fine. Blowing out Hawaii isn’t big news, but solid given Hawaii beat Arizona and Oregon State. They now face a massive challenge to finish out non-conference on the road against BYU, where USC just lost.
  24. Memphis 3-0
  25. Kansas State 3-0

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