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Pacific Takes Top 25 9/23: Cal creeping up toward the Top 10

Five Pac-12 teams find themselves ranked between 11 & 20.

NCAA Football: California at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Clemson 4-0
  2. Alabama 4-0
  3. Georgia 4-0
  4. Ohio State 4-0
  5. Oklahoma 3-0
  6. LSU 4-0
  7. Florida 4-0
  8. Auburn 4-0
  9. Wisconsin 3-0
  10. Notre Dame 2-1
  11. Texas 3-1
  12. Oregon 3-1 - The Ducks have surprised everyone by actually having their defense carry them this season. They get a week off now to get prepared for a tough pack of five games that has them host Cal and play at Washington and USC sandwiched around a Washington State team that has given them fits as of late.
  13. Cal 4-0 - The Pac-12’s last undefeated team has probably actually done the most of any conference team thus far this season. The thing for Cal will be winning all of the games they should win and not slipping up. They get a chance to show they can do that this week in Berkeley against a tough Arizona State team.
  14. Washington 3-1 - Washington certainly looked scary since their loss to Cal against teams with a combined Pac-12 record of 3-1 outside of facing Washington, especially on offense. The Huskies could easily be the best team in the conference if their offense looks as good as it does with Jacob Eason outside of the Cal debacle and their defense continues to improve.
  15. Iowa 3-0
  16. Penn State 3-0
  17. USC 3-1 - The Trojans marked their spot atop the South, for now. They immediately have to face a road test against a Washington team that just destroyed the team that beat them two weeks ago. The good news is that the Trojans can put themselves in a great spot if they can beat Washington in Seattle.
  18. Utah 3-1 - I’m not going to ding Utah much for losing at USC. It’s a very tough place for any Pac-12 team to play and it was a close game. Yet, they’ll have to prove they can live up to their preseason hype by winning all of the games they should, starting this week with a major challenge against Washington State in Salt Lake City.
  19. Boise State 4-0
  20. Kansas State 3-0
  21. Memphis 3-0
  22. Virginia 4-0
  23. Mississippi State 3-1
  24. Iowa State 2-1
  25. Baylor 3-0

On the edge

Wake Forest, Texas A&M, Michigan, UCF, Minnesota