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Pacific Takes Top 25 9/9: Cal & USC surge into Top 25

Washington almost falls out of our rankings.

NCAA Football: Stanford at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Clemson 2-0
  2. Alabama 2-0
  3. Georgia 2-0
  4. Ohio State 2-0
  5. Oklahoma 2-0
  6. LSU 2-0
  7. Florida 2-0
  8. Notre Dame 1-0
  9. UCF 2-0
  10. Auburn 2-0
  11. Utah 2-0 - It looks like the Utes will take care of business in non-conference play. Their game against USC in The Coliseum in two weeks now looms ever larger with USC’s resurgence.
  12. Texas 1-1
  13. Oregon 1-1 - The Ducks can get themselves back into the CFP conversation if they keep winning once conference play starts. They’re lurking just outside of the Top 10, ready to jump in once other teams start losing.
  14. Wisconsin 2-0
  15. Washington State 2-0 - The Cougars have done as much as they can against low-level opponents. Now, get a win at Houston, and they will prove themselves as a Pac-12 champion candidate going into conference play.
  16. Iowa 2-0
  17. Michigan State 2-0
  18. USC 2-0 - I fell in love with the Trojans again Saturday night. They’re a ranked team until proven otherwise to me and should really scare the rest of the conference.
  19. Cal 2-0 - Another team that should scare the conference. The first team to go up to Seattle and win in Husky Stadium since 2016. The Bears are tough as nails.
  20. Texas A&M 1-1
  21. Michigan 2-0
  22. Penn State 2-0
  23. Boise State 2-0
  24. Memphis 2-0
  25. Washington 1-1 - I will keep Washington ranked, for now, but how much their young defense struggled against a putrid Cal offense scares me and Jacob Eason will have to prove himself against a good defense to show he’s a true upgrade at QB.

On the edge

Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, North Carolina, Army