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Final Pacific Takes 2019-20 Top 25: Oregon closes at number seven

Only two Pac-12 teams make the final rankings.

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Oregon vs Wisconsin Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
  1. LSU 15-0
  2. Clemson 14-1
  3. Ohio State 13-1
  4. Georgia 12-2
  5. Florida 11-2
  6. Alabama 11-2
  7. Oregon 12-2 - A lot of people are going to rank Oregon ahead of two-loss SEC schools, but I really don’t think that’s fair, and their Rose Bowl performance doesn’t suggest that they could beat any of those teams. It was a very nice season for them as they executed and took advantage of most of the opportunities that came their way. They finish with a massive gap between them and any other Pac-12 school.
  8. Oklahoma 12-2
  9. Penn State 11-2
  10. Minnesota 11-2
  11. Notre Dame 11-2
  12. Auburn 9-4
  13. Wisconsin 10-4
  14. Iowa 10-3
  15. Baylor 11-3
  16. Memphis 12-2
  17. Cincinnati 12-2
  18. Utah 11-3 - The Utes fell apart in the Pac-12 Championship Game and their bowl game, again. They’ve shown they can win the South when USC is down and now after graduating a ton of seniors, it feels that this program may have a hard time climbing to heights higher than this again any time soon.
  19. Michigan 9-4
  20. Appalachian State 13-1
  21. Navy 11-2
  22. Virginia 9-5
  23. Texas A&M 8-5
  24. Kansas State 8-5
  25. Texas 8-5

On the edge

USC, Washington, Arizona State, Cal, UCF

The cluster of 8-5 Pac-12 teams is strong, but also super inconsistent, especially USC and Washington, who have way too much talent to have lost a combined 10 games.