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Laviska Shenault is fit for today’s NFL

The former Colorado WR has been compared to Sammy Watkins of the Kansas City Chiefs

Washington v Colorado Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Don’t blame me, I didn’t write it. I just 100% endorse it.

ESPN’s Matt Brown recently wrote the draft prospect fits and why they’ll work in the NFL with former Colorado WR Laviska Shenault Jr. sliding in as a receiver fit for the pros today.

Shenault was utilized all over the field during his time at Colorado, almost to a fault. He fits in today’s NFL because he is an absolutely dynamic player with the ball in his hands and a brute to take down in the open field.

Put him in any short-area passing attack and let him wreak havoc on opposing defenses. He’s significantly more explosive than any number he put forth during the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine where he ran a 4.58-second 40-yard dash.

He’s a massive guy at 6’2, 227 pounds but possesses the elusiveness of a much smaller player. He topped 100 yards in three different games a year ago but was plagued by overutilization and injuries during his final year in Boulder.

In fact, for the majority of his career at Colorado, he was the only legitimate threat to get the ball and opposing defenses knew that.

You could stack the box when he was in at quarterback in the Wildcat formation.

You could cover him with a linebacker and a slot cornerback when he lined up inside.

You could hold a safety high over the top and play press-man coverage when he was outside.

And opposing defenses did that.

Still, he totaled 1,951 career receiving yards and 10 scores on 150 catches. He has sure hands at the catch point and demonstrated time and time again that he could make any defender miss in space.

As Brown put it in his draft prospect fits article, put Shenault in the system at Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Chicago or Kansas City, and watch him thrive.

Give him the ball on screens, jet sweeps, wildcat options, scheme this guy open no matter how, and he’ll reward his future NFL team.

We’re excited to see this unfold just as we’re sure the other 11 Pac-12 teams are excited to see him out of the conference in 2020.

Good luck at the next level, Laviska! We know you’re ready.