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Dallas Hobbs selflessly giving his time to help Bryce Beekman’s family

During such a difficult time in our history, Hobbs selflessness shines through

Washington State v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The untimely passing of Washington State Cougars safety Bryce Beekman has cast a dark light over the entire Pac-12 conference this past week. Bryce’s passing, as shocking as it was, hit home even harder because the nature around his death is still unclear.

What is clear, however, is the fact that with every dark moment, there can be a light.

Dallas Hobbs is that light.

Just days after his teammate and close friend Bryce passed away, Hobbs — an aspiring graphic designer — is donating his time and effort to generate money for the Beekman Family utilizing his off-field skills.

“It’s a mix of everything: honoring Bryce, of course he’s a good friend, he’s a good friend of everyone, he always showed love everywhere around, and he always loved my designs,” Hobbs said. “I was supposed to make him a graphic and that never actually happened, so I’ve been slowly been making graphics of him and now I’ve made these stickers of Bryce to make up for not having his graphic done.”

Yeah, you’ve definitely made up for not getting that chance to make the graphic for Bryce in my book, Dallas.

Hobbs is making the graphics and handling all the financial burdens himself to ensure the Beekman Family gets all of the proceeds, saying he topped a big figure in just six hours of his tweet with much, much more to come.

You can get your own Bryce Beekman sticker, ‘Fly High 26’ or custom jersey sticker by simply reaching out through Twitter, to Hobbs. There are also a few more that he’s let his creative side take over as well, including a classic WAZZU sticker representation.

There is also a few other options as well, given to all others across the nation. You can order your own jersey number with your own colors, number and name. And if you aren’t interested in stickers but still want to help out the Beekman Family, you can just simply donate as well and the proceeds will go directly to his family.

That’s something incredibly noble and incredibly important to Hobbs, he said.

“Know that there’s donations and customization for your team and your players if you want, it’s really for everyone,” Hobbs said. “I just want to thank everyone for anything and everything they can do.”

No, Dallas, thank you for what you are doing.

To get involved, get your own stickers or just simply help out the Beekman Family at a time like this, just shoot an order over to Dallas Hobbs himself.