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Ranking the Pac-12 teams by 5-year attendance

The Pac-12 ranks for attendance over the past five years are eye-opening

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 13 Washington at Oregon

No stranger to flying under the radar, the Pac-12 football teams oftentimes go unnoticed by the general media because of their time slots on the east coast. And though they don’t have the notoriety of say those massive Big Ten stadiums, the Pac-12 football teams pack their stadiums just like any other conference in America.

Thanks to the fine people at College Football News, we can take a look at how the Pac-12 football teams rank on 5-year average attendance per game and their percentages at which they fill their stadiums.

Kicking it off, we’ll start at the average 5-year attendance.

1. Washington Huskies — 66527.20 people, on average

2. USC Trojans — 66261.40 people, on average

3. UCLA Trojans — 57074.80 people, on average

4. Oregon Ducks — 55509.20 people, on average

5. Arizona State Sun Devils — 49901.80 people, on average

6. Utah Utes — 46349.20 people, on average

7. Colorado Buffaloes — 45687.20 people, on average

8. Arizona Wildcats — 45456.20 people, on average

9. California Golden Bears — 43457.00 people, on average

10. Stanford Cardinal — 43263.40 people, on average

11. Oregon State Beavers — 35217.60 people, on average

12. Washington State Cougars — 30339.20 people, on average

As nice as it is to sit here and point at the total number of fans in the seats for each team, it’s also important to note that every stadium capacity is different, save for USC and UCLA, who famously share a hometown.

So, with that in mind, we take a look at the percentage in which those figures fill their stadiums.

1. Oregon — 102.79%

2. Utah — 101.18%

3. Washington — 94.85%

4. Washington State — 92.67%

5. Colorado — 91.04%

6. Stanford — 86.53%

7. USC — 85.50%

8. Arizona — 84.73%

9. Oregon State — 81.61%

10. Arizona State — 77.67%

11. UCLA — 70.80%

12. Cal — 69.57%

So, there we have it. The full picture is outlined.

Those diehard fans in Eugene quite literally pack Autzen Stadium to the brim. Those Utes throw themselves into Rice-Eccles Stadium better than most.

In fact, those two figures from Oregon and Utah are good enough to rank 3rd and 6th, respectively, among teams nationally.

Only Oregon State, Arizona State, UCLA and Cal find themselves outside of the top 50 schools for percentage of stadiums filled.

And, also interesting to note, the differences between UCLA and USC filling the Rose Bowl and LA Memorial Coliseum, respectively.

Average 5-year attendance:

USC — 66261.4
UCLA — 57074.8

Filled Stadium Capacity %:

USC: 85.5%
UCLA: 70.8%

A lot of inferences can be made from these and it’s altogether very interesting to watch unfold, just before we’re about to embark on a college football season that likely won’t see half as many fans nationwide.