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Kick off a new NCAA Football 14 season with updated 2020 rosters

It’s Video Game Week at SB Nation — and we’re kicking things off with a brand new season — with 2020 rosters!

We all know that we’ve been going through the 2019 season in a recreated fashion, taking what has happened and attempting to rewrite history.

However, as the fruitful video game degenerate gods have blessed us all, we can now look ahead to 2020 rather than look back at 2019.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, those aforementioned degenerates like myself have had time to craft a new roster for all 126 teams in the famed EA Sports video game NCAA Football 14. We now have updated rosters for all teams, most specifically for here, all Pac-12 teams.

And, thanks to SB Nation and our Video Game Week, the platform has been paved to discuss these brand new rosters as fortunate of timing as ever.

We’re going to do a first-run simulation through the entire 2020 season with as close to real schedules as we can make them, even though you can’t move around scheduled games in conference play. Still, we’ll get it as close as we can to what may happen in 2020 with these updated and brand new rosters.

Which players will stand out among their peers? Which players are higher rated than others at there positions? Which quarterbacks are going to dominate this year? All things we can take into account while we analyze the data from the first-run simulations.

Be sure to follow along live on Twitter — @CamMellor — as anything that we do get to take part in live will be on there. And until we tidy up the rosters — know they’re coming.

We’ll be debuting them tomorrow and be making any last-minute changes to them based on community efforts. So stay tuned — and get ready for lots of video game action during Video Game week here at SB Nation.