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Oregon leads the country in social media interactions

The Ducks lead the Pac-12, the nation as most interacted with social media accounts

Oregon State v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Oregon Ducks are leading the Pac(k), literally.

According to a study from Skull Sparks, a partner to college teams with an aim to help improve digital and design strategy, the Ducks lead the country, not just the Pac-12, in total social media interactions for the month of July.

The Ducks bested even Ohio State and defending national champions LSU in the count, reaching 921,000 interactions across the tracked social media interfaces: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The next closest Pac-12 school was the USC Trojans, coming in 21st overall, with 163,000 interactions. Incredibly, they were the only team in the top 25 that doesn’t have a Facebook page being tracked and accounting for their total number of interactions.

Skull Sparks also released their top list of all 130 FBS teams and how they all stacked up. The Pac-12 teams finished as such:

1. Oregon — 920,864

2. USC — 163,385

3. Utah — 138,722

4. Oregon State — 91,346

5. Colorado — 83,730

6. UCLA — 65,537

7. Washington — 57,308

8. Arizona State — 54,118

9. Washington State — 43,111

10. Stanford — 30,396

11. Cal — 16,683

12. Arizona — 15,631

#ScoDucks really does work, doesn’t it?