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Pac-12 to play in 6 weeks?

According to reports, the ‘majority of Pac-12 programs can be ready to play in six weeks’

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 31 Redbox Bowl - Michigan State v Oregon Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The reports are starting to flood in for the Pac-12 and their eventual return to football. In the wake of the Big Ten’s announcement to return to football this fall, the Pac-12 seems to have reversed their own course on ‘returning to play when we’re able’ to now more of a stance of ‘uh-oh, let’s make sure we’re not left out.’

With no real leadership from Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott through this whole situation — and that stems from mid-March up to present day — the Pac-12 is now scrambling to not be the only Power-5 conference left out of the college football season.

Sure, there have been developments in testing capabilities the past few weeks — but that wasn’t enough to expedite the situation of returning to football as much as the Big Ten’s decision. And for that, the whole leadership needs to be in question here in the Pac-12.

What we do have potentially going for us in the probable return of the Pac-12 football season is the fact that each university is seemingly ready to go.

That’d be an extremely quick turnaround for a season for all programs, but especially for those in California who are allowed ‘five-on-five’ practices but apparently are allowed to compete in full competition, according to statements between Scott and California Governor Gavin Newsom.

We’ll see what happens but with the Big Ten as their guidance, it’s certain that no real leadership should be expected in this.

This continues to be a developing story, and we’ll stay on top of it as best we can here at Pacific Takes.