What are the Odds for Teams Competing for Pac-12?

College football is very much back in play! That means the sportsbooks and oddsmakers are gearing up to offer us plenty of insights into the games to come. The Pac-12 championship, of course, is one of the most hotly-contested football trophies opening up right now.

Do you already have a favorite in place for who you think will take home the spoils? It's likely too early to say who has the edge on the rest. However, if you have already been studying form and think you know how Pac-12 will go, tell us! Whether you are deep into your sports betting in Colorado or are betting from afar, it's time to take your picks.

Based on what the bookmakers are generally saying regarding Pac-12 this year, here's a quick rundown.


What's in Store for Pac-12?

In general, Pac-12 doesn't seem to be earning much confidence in the here and now. That is, at least, when it comes to the upcoming national championship. However, what is interesting is that there isn't much between the betting lines for Pac-12 itself.

Believe it or not, Pac-12's prospective champions are only around 14th or 15th in line for the big national title. That's a poor showing. However, as always, it pays to know that bookmakers are never 100% right all of the time. It does seem as though we probably won't get a national hero out of Pac-12 this year. However, there's always still a chance.

Potential Pac-12 Champions - Who Are They?

With a +750 to +250 boost on some US sportsbooks, USC is ahead of the pack right now. This may primarily be due to their stunning performance at last year's conference. What's more, their lack of losses across the season (bar one) really set the tone.

USC's squad is already turning heads, which is likely why futures for the team are so strong. However, Oregon, who pummelled USC in the conference championship last year, are in the following position.

At an averaged +350, Oregon Ducks are set to be a reasonably safe bet for anyone unsure about USC's conversions. The Ducks even arrive as short as +120 in some cases! Beyond that, Arizona State, Washington, Utah, and UCLA bring up the rear.

Spare a thought for Arizona outright - and Oregon State - as they hit around +5000 on US sportsbooks. They are rank outsiders. This, insiders believe, may be as a result of neither team having strong starting points. Giant killing certainly does exist in college football, however, so pick wisely.

Seasoned punters, therefore, will likely be looking to bet large on Oregon or USC this season. But could there be an upset? The odds are not exactly wide apart - meaning that this might just be the chance for an unexpected victory.

There is also the pretty slim chance that USC bucks all odds and goes ahead to the nationals. That is even less likely than, say, UCLA winning the Pac-12 - but again, stranger things have occurred.

College Football: Punters' Paradise?

College football is some of the most exciting and least predictable sporting action opening up across the calendar. There's little wonder why so many bookmakers go wild for the precision markets in play. However, it does take true nerve to get behind pre-season odds.

That's simply because anything can happen! Yes, in the here and now, USC and Oregon are nailed to win Pac-12 - either one. However, college football is fast, furious, and likely to throw out some curveballs. Pick wisely, and don't necessarily go with the sportsbook.

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