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ASU Football: Sun Devils Still Believe They're Looking Up In Pac-12 South

Do the Arizona State Sun Devils have what it takes to compete in the Pac-12 South with the USC Trojans?

Christian Petersen

Looking ahead, how confident a contender do you see yourselves being in the Pac-12 South? Do you think you can beat the best the best of the division?

Rich Gray, Bold Saguaros: I'm not sure if I'm buying this notion that the Pac-12 South is up for grabs. Certainly there is a chance to win the division. USC is not as dominant as we all thought, no one knows what to expect from UCLA from week to week and you can't rule out Arizona just yet thanks to their win over Washington. Still, it's hard from me to imagine the Sun Devils going to Corvallis, LA and Tucson and coming out 3-0. I think a best-case scenario for ASU now is a 7-8 win season, with wins over UCLA, Washington State and maybe Arizona (that game is always a toss-up).

Brad Denny, House of Sparky: Well, this question seems to be one way of saying "Can ASU beat USC in two weeks?" Right now, that's what I think it will come down to. With ASU and USC currently tied with one conference loss, I think each will drop at least one other game outside of that match-up (ASU to Oregon State, USC to Oregon), which means that the winner of November 10th's game very well will take the division. While it was clear ASU can't compete with Oregon (at least in 2012), I think they match-up better against the Trojans, but still should be underdogs. But hey, it's possible.