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Arizona State Football: ASU Looks To Avoid Another Collapse

Can Todd Graham and the Arizona State Sun Devils avoid another late-season failure like the one former ASU head coach Dennis Erickson suffered before being canned last year? Rich Gray of Bold Saguaros and Brad Denny of House of Sparky explain.


After two disappointing losses, do you think there's any danger in this season falling apart?

Rich Gray, Bold Saguaros: Yes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. ASU is currently staring a 5-5 record in the face. And let's be honest, the odds of winning in Corvallis or LA are rather thin. What will be key is how the team responds in those final two games against Wazzou and Arizona, both winnable games. I think it would be a bit disappointing if ASU split those games and finished 6-6. But, in the grand scheme of things, going to the New Mexico Bowl or something like that should be consider an accomplishment for this team.

Everyone wants to compare this team to 2011, and that's understandable. But what most people overlook is how much talent ASU lost. This is a young team that nobody thought would be bowl eligible at the start of the year. If Graham can get this team to a bowl and win, it will help down the line. I am in the belief that you will have a clear picture of where a program is heading in Year 3, so there's no reason to overact in Year 1. Look what good that ASU did 2007.

Brad Denny, House of Sparky: If you ask many Sun Devil fans right now, they'll say the season has already fallen apart, which is ludicrous. This is clearly a rebuilding year for ASU, and the fact that they are 5-3 and still in the South running is an impressive achievement. The road ahead will be very tough for the Devils, with Oregon State, USC, Washington State and Arizona still to go, but even if ASU manages just one or two more wins, this season must still be considered a success.