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Pac-12 Bracketology: Arizona State Stands On The Bubble

The Arizona State Sun Devils are right on the NCAA bubble. Will they finish the season in or out?


Cal and Colorado look to have played themselves into the NCAA Tournament for the time being, but Arizona State is very much on the edge now. If you were on the selection committee, would you put the Sun Devils in the tournament?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: At this very moment I think you have to exclude them though they would be one of the very last teams left out. They have some good wins against UCLA, Colorado, Arkansas and Cal, but don't have that marquee win and they have too many bad losses, including one against DePaul who is 2-12 in the Big East and two against Washington.

Gekko Mojo, UW Dawg Pound: If the season were to end today, I think Arizona may very well be the first team out. On the plus side, they've had a good run, been competitive in their losses and sport some interesting star power in Carson and Felix. On the negative side, the P12 hasn't exactly earned the benefit of the doubt when the other teams also vying for one of those remaining spots are either brand names (e.g. Kentucky, Villanova) or are coming from more respected conferences.

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam: I think they are on the outside looking in, needing a couple more wins, and probably a good Pac-12 Tournament. Whether they wind up in the NCAAs or the NIT may hinge more on whether an upset in a Mid-Major tournament that puts an "extra" team ahead of them happens or not.

Matt Takimoto, Addicted to Quack: I'd want to see them in simply because Jahii Carson is the kind of player that could get a team to the second weekend all by himself.

NorcalNick, California Golden Blogs: I would not. But then, I'm a big believer in strength of schedule. I have trouble respecting teams who don't put together at least a halfway decent non-conference schedule. It's like when your professor tells you exactly what to study and then you decide to read comic books for a week before your final. Coaches that are too dumb/stubborn/short-sighted to schedule a few decent teams get zero sympathy from me.

Adam Butler, PacHoops: If I'm the committee and I'm picking today, I put them in. They've played well enough to dance and they have intriguing enough pieces by which I believe they could be competitive in the NCAAs. The problem is the selection committee - whether I'm on it or not - isn't picking today and the Sun Devils have three very tough games remaining. But should they manage to beat USC and one of Arizona or UCLA, there just might be a chance for them to dance.

Sean Reynolds, Block U: That loss to Utah is going to haunt ‘em, but I think they have the resume to get in. They can also solidify their position the final few weeks of the season and if they do that, it'll be really hard to turn ‘em down.