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NFL Draft 2016: ASU football likely will only see Christian Westerman get selected

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is usually littered with prospects from every Pac-12 program. The Arizona State Sun Devils only have one bona fide player to watch out for here in Christian Westerman. The Sun Devil offensive guard is well-liked and could see his name get called as early as Day 2.

Westerman is a very physical offensive lineman and one of the best pure run blockers in the Pac-12. He fits the mold of the offensive guard who can get in and wreak havoc on the trenches. Westerman played at both Auburn and ASU, and is familiar playing in multiple schemes. That scheme versatility will make him a valuable prospect on plenty of draft boards. His measurables match up to a very formidable NFL offensive guard.

The one thing you see with Westerman on tape is his constant movement--he works great against linebackers and defensive ends to open up space for running backs to attack the hole.

Could Westerman be one of those steals of the mid rounds?