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Arizona Vs. UCLA: Wildcats Look To Torch Bruins

The Arizona Wildcats look to keep the positive momentum going against the UCLA Bruins tomorrow.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

1. How do you think Arizona was able to beat USC? What did the Wildcats do that most impressed you on Saturday?

Arizona was the better team. I don't think there was anything fancier than that. While Matt Millen let us know just how thin the Wildcats were, their best players played their best games. Scott was terrific, Carey was mean, and Flowers was anything but rosy. Most impressive to me was that they stuck with it. I wrote about their inability to close - the very reason they're not a top-12 team right now - and on Saturday the Wildcats showed me that they're a 60-minutes team.

2. What are your thoughts on Arizona putting Matt Scott back in the game?

Monday's quotes leads me to believe everything was handled in the right manner but we'll never really know the true story. Point is, nothing appears to be black-and-white when it comes to the concussion debate. Few competitors are going to ever say, "Take me out," and few coaches are going to be all that proactive in taking out their best player. Excuses? No but unless you know what Scott's telling the doctors or what exactly they're seeing, it's hard to point fingers.

3. Looking ahead to Arizona vs. UCLA, what's the key matchup we should look at on offense!

I'm interested to see Jonathan Franklin and Ka'Deem Carey head-to-head. They've been two of the toughest backs in the conference and the pair squaring off in what seems to be shaping up into yet another Pac-12 shootout should be a lot of fun.

4. If you had to make an early pick for Arizona vs. UCLA, what would it be?

If I'm making picks with the goal of being right I'm going to take the over. Head-to-head I have to say I like the momentum the Wildcats have. They're the toughest 5-3 team you're going to find, have proven they can compete on the road, and I really like this RichRod-Scott thing.