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Pac-12 Football: Is Ka'Deem Carey The Best Running Back In The Conference?

Is Arizona Wildcats running back Ka'Deem Carey the best Pac-12 tailback going into 2013?


Who is your early candidate for best running back in the Pac-12?

NorcalNick, California Golden Blogs: Whichever person starts for Oregon? I suppose how you classify DeAnthony Thomas has some bearing on the question. Cal might have a Black-Mamba-lite when Brendan Bigelow gets unleashed in the Bear Raid. In terms of pure, 20-carries-a-game type of backs? Ka'Deem Carey's stats are pretty impressive and there's no reason to think Arizona's offense will slow down in year two under RichRod.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Tough question. I think De'Anthony Thomas is the most dangerous, but not a true running back unless they change up his role. I'm not sure if he is the most skilled running back in the conference, but I have to go with Ka'Deem Carey simply because he should put up the best numbers again of any back in the conference.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack: We'll see how Thomas Tyner looks in the fall, but it's hard not to go with Ka'Deem Carey at this point, considering his production last season. Bishop Sankey at Washington is also a lot better than people give him credit for.