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Arizona Basketball: Wildcats Reeling Into Pac-12 Tournament

Do the Arizona Wildcats have anything left after a late season stumble took them out of the running for the Pac-12 regular season title?


Is Arizona officially down for the count, or is there any way that they can regain the momentum they had earlier in the season?

Norcalnick, California Golden Blogs: Arizona is too talented to ever be discounted, and their depth of talent is such that they could have an advantage in tournament play over shallow teams like Cal and UCLA. That said, their recent run of iffy play has revealed weaknesses that can't be ignored. Arizona doesn't have a defense on the level we're currently seeing from Cal, Oregon and Colorado, which means that they are vulnerable when they aren't knocking down 3s or getting to the rim. Arizona's non-conference resume is top-5 in the nation worthy. Their conference resume is just another team in the top half.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: I wouldn't be shocked to see it happen as they have the pieces and a lot of times talented teams can flip a switch come tournament time, but if you don't count their controversial win over Colorado in the Pac-12 opener, they haven't beaten a Pac-12 team that I think will make the tournament all season long.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack: You never want to say a team with the talent of Arizona is out, and they could be capable of going on a run. But something is amiss with this team. It's not that any single loss is particularly bad, but taken together, it's way too many L's for a team of that caliber. Considering they've given up 70+ in all six of their conference losses, perhaps they should look to their defense.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops: It's a great question, and I'm still curious about whether or not reality rests closer to the 14-0 Wildcats or the 9-6 Wildcats. Obviously the truth is somewhere in the middle but it doesn't behoove a team to have more questions than answers in March. Alas, the main question remains: How good is this team? Which to me suggests there's still more that they could give. If I'm having to play Mark Lyons, Solomon Hill, and Kevin Parrom with their collegiate careers in the balances, I'm afraid.