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Arizona Wildcats linebacker Scooby Wright the best player in the Pac-12?

Go to Arizona Desert Swarm to learn more about the Wildcats.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Video: Scooby Wright at report day []: "Scooby Wright will have plenty of expectations on him this season, but the Arizona linebacker doesn't mind. Get more inside."

Arizona football: Scooby Wright named the nation's second best player [Jason Bartel, Arizona Desert Swarm]: "Remember that time when Scooby Wright III had a two by his name? Well, it was when he was being recruited, and the whole "Two-Star Scoob" phenomenon. He made need something new now as ESPN ranks him as the nation's second-best player in all of college football."

Arizona's Scooby Wright only looking ahead [Anthony Gimino, Tucson News]: ""He's funny," his dad, Phillip Wright, said by phone Tuesday. "He walked by every once in a while and put a trophy in a drawer. He'll see his rings out and put those in the case and put them back in the drawer. Or he'll see a plaque and cover it or turn it around. He's different."

Hansen: For Scooby and Cats, genius is "2 percent" inspiration [Greg Hansen, Arizona Daily Star]: "Because Scooby Wright is built like a haystack, he wears XXXL T-shirts that are the size of a small barn. On Tuesday, he wore a black T-shirt featuring an Arizona helmet and the word MISFIT. No one missed it; no one had to ask what it meant."