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Arizona Wildcats basketball enters the stretch run tied for the Pac-12 lead

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Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats are finishing the season strong. With six wins in a row, they have entered a tie for first with the Oregon Ducks. Arizona romped through Arizona State, held off USC and UCLA at home, beat the Washington programs on the road, and beat up Oregon State after Oregon snapped their streak.

Four games remain, and not all of them easy. Arizona is heading to Colorado and Utah, then finishes off with Cal and Stanford at home. They guarantee themselves a share of the crown at least if they can sweep. But considering Utah and Cal are also in contention to win the conference, this is by no means an easy path.

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Arizona basketball: Wildcats grateful for full week off before stretch run [Jason Bartel, Arizona Desert Swarm]: ""We have to make it to our advantage," Sean Miller said after the ASU game. "A lot of teams would love to have what we have in front of us. It gives us a chance to be mentally and physically alive.""

Arizona basketball: Should Parker Jackson-Cartwright or Kadeem Allen be the Wildcats' primary point guard? [Ryan Kelapire, Arizona Desert Swarm]: "Before the Arizona Wildcats started their season, the point guard position was a question mark. With T.J. McConnell's departure, it left the team in position without an overly-experienced point guard on the roster. Parker Jackson-Cartwright had played a season at Arizona, but his role was limited. Meanwhile Kadeem Allen, a junior college transfer, hadn't played Division 1 basketball yet, plus he was more of a combo/scoring guard than a true point guard."

Arizona basketball: Three things we learned in the Wildcats' victory over rival Arizona State [James Hartman, Arizona Desert Swarm]: "This bears repeating -- Arizona's defense actually showed up. This may be the most important --and surprising- -revelation from Arizona's victory over its rival."