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Rob Gronkowski the best of the Arizona Wildcats picked in the NFL Draft this decade

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5. Quarterback Nick Foles, picked 84th in 3rd round of 2012 NFL Draft by Philadelphia Eagles. Obviously he's bouncing around now, but for one year in Philadelphia, Foles offered one of the most incredible passing seasons in NFL history in the Chip Kelly offense. Foles has been pretty rough the rest of his NFL career, but most quarterbacks would kill for a season like the one Foles had.

4. Offensive lineman Ebon Britton, picked 39th in 2nd round of 2009 NFL Draft by Jacksonville Jaguars. Britton has started over 30 games, splitting time between guard and tackle.

3. Defensive lineman Earl Mitchell, picked 81st in 3rd round of 2010 NFL Draft by Houston Texans. Mitchell has become a very solid pick, enjoying a great amount of productivity with the Texans and amassing over 160 tackles in his time in the league.

2. Cornerback Antoine Cason, picked 27th in 1st round of 2008 NFL Draft by San Diego Chargers. Cason enjoyed great success in his five seasons with the Chargers and was a starting corner for much of that time. Cason isn't in the league at the moment.

1. Tight end Rob Gronkowski, picked 42nd in 2nd round of 2010 NFL Draft by New England Patriots. The best football player on the decade's best football team, Gronk's offensive impact has lifted the Patriots to one Super Bowl win, another Super Bowl appearance, and now an insane five straight AFC title appearances. With one of the greatest quarterbacks ever in Tom Brady to place him the ball, Gronkowski has become a matchup nightmare for every defense in the NFL, and is clearly the best Wildcat since Lance Briggs to suit up from the U of A.