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Arizona football spring practice defense reports: Wildcats getting better?

Go to Arizona Desert Swarm for more on the Wildcats.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What we learned: Arizona's defensive line: "Arizona has plenty of questions on the defensive line, but some potential as well. Read on to see what we learned and more." [ >]

In their own words: Spring practice (defense) by Jordyn Owen: "Hear from Arizona's players and coaches as they discuss spring practice and where things stand going into the summer " [Arizona Rivals]

What we learned: Arizona's linebackers: "Arizona has potential at linebacker, but questionable production. Read on for a preview of the position and what spring ball taught us." [ >]

What we learned: Arizona's Cornerbacks: "Arizona's corners have had some mixed results in the past. Read on to see what spring practice taught us and more." [ >]

4/18 Arizona Football Notes: "Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Monday. Read on for more." [ >]

Post-spring media session: Paul Magloire and DeAndre' Miller by Matt Moreno: "Paul Magloire and DeAndre' Miller met with the media Monday afternoon to chat about the continuing offseason work" [Arizona Rivals]