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Cal Coaching Search Rumors: Chris Petersen, Hue Jackson To Interview, Justin Wilcox Not A Candidate?

The California Golden Bears are rumored to interview Boise State head coach Chris Petersen, former Raiders head coach Hue Jackson and several other candidates. Washington Huskies defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox will not be one of them.

Stephen Dunn

Disclaimer: I never know what to make of Gorcey's sources. There are hits, there are misses, and then there are baseball bats to the face. He has a spotty record of fact-checking, so we'll see what actually happens here. Hence why these are "rumors" rather than "news".

That being said, it's always fun to talk rumors, so here you go.

The Hue Jackson thing is still a thing. CGB will have more on Jackson tomorrow, but I'm guessing the opinion concerning Jackson from the outside is "concerning".

The Petersen thing is a little strange, particularly with regards to timing. I'd understand next week after the regular season ends, but this week? Boise State will be playing Nevada this weekend. Not sure whether Petersen will be able to conduct an actual in-person interview.

If this is a thing, I'm guessing Sandy is just going to conduct a phone interview with the Boise coach and inquire about how interested he is in the job, or at least sell him on the merits of why Cal would be the place for him. I doubt there will be full-blown interview until the AD knows for certain that Petersen would take the job.

All I know is he's not going to Arkansas. Ignore that.

What might be a little bit more interesting is who might not be a candidate: Washington defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox. And it's because of our old friend Tosh Lupoi.

This is a little strange. Wilcox planned on bringing Lupoi as a defensive coordinator? I imagine it would be one of those surface titles, a la Tedford with most of his offensive coordinators. Wilcox would run the defense, and Lupoi would just be relaying his signals and is really just being brought back to recruit. But Wilcox isn't terribly smart if he believes Cal will so easily forgive Lupoi for his transgressions.

Lupoi's transgressions go far beyond his January departure. The reports that Lupoi was behind Cal's academic decline in the APR because of his recruiting habits probably have plenty to do with the bad blood.

Tedford believed strongly in player study sessions when I met him nine years ago. But university sources told me this week that former Cal assistant Tosh Lupoi, now at Washington, recruited players who couldn't cut the mustard academically, and this brought down the graduation numbers.

So yeah, if Wilcox wanted to bring back Tosh, then perhaps he should start applying for the Colorado job.

I would've hoped the more plausible reason for not considering Wilcox was: "His defense just blew an 18 point 4th quarter lead to Washington State in the Apple Cup."

More coaching rumors

The Kentucky Wildcats are reportedly taking a hard look at Mike McIntyre for the job he's done at San Jose State. Considering his SEC roots, that makes plenty of sense. However, I imagine if Sandy wanted McIntyre, Cal would be more attractive than Kentucky. (Gary Andersen and Sonny Dykes are also being considered).

Gary Andersen says he's staying at Utah State. There was a rumor that he'd be interested in the Cal job if it opened up. However, he's a Utah State guy, he's coached in Utah for 17 years, and his son just committed to Utah State. I'm guessing he stays.

Bruce Feldman says Greg Roman is on the shortlist for Boston College. Sonny Dykes, Dave Doeren and Willie Taggart will also be considered for Purdue.

In Tedford-related news, Jon Embree was fired at Colorado, making it only the second head coaching opening on the West Coast. There were rumors that the Buffs would consider Tedford as an offensive coordinator; might they bump up the interest another notch?

If Colorado went after some of the hires, would you consider Cal or Colorado the more attractive hire? There are definitely merits to both schools.

Tedford has also been rumored as a USC OC candidate, but I can't imagine he'd stand taking marching orders from his klutzy disciple Kiffin. Kiffin is the real OC of that offense anyway. I think Tedford would only be interested in head coaching jobs at this point.