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Cal Coaching Search Updates: Gary Andersen, Chris Petersen, Hue Jackson & More

Gary Andersen has been contacted by Cal and Colorado, Chris Petersen's friends believe he might or might not try out the Cal job, Hue Jackson openly covets the position, and Mike MacIntyre won't be going to Kentucky.

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1. Chris Petersen's friends think he might or might not want the job.

I've already made my public feelings on Petersen: He'd be a dream fit for Cal, but it might also be a dream that he'd actually be interested in coming here.

Petersen is a UC Davis alumni, so it makes sense to consult with UC Davis alumni about whether he might accept the position. Jeff Faraudo has done just that.

One says yes.

Jim Sochor, who coached Petersen at UC Davis and gave him his first coaching job, said Tuesday the changing landscape at Boise might tempt Petersen to make a move after years of resisting big offers.

"A lot of changes have taken place there," said Sochor, referring to the Broncos' scheduled move to the Big East Conference in 2014 and the arrival of a new athletic director last year. "I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he's had maybe some change of heart. At some point I do believe he will go elsewhere."

Sochor hopes that place is Cal.

"He'd be great at Cal. He has all the requisites that Cal would be looking for," Sochor said.

The other says no.

The day after former UC Davis coaching legend Jim Sochor suggested that changes at Boise could sway Petersen to look elsewhere, Biggs disagreed.

"Chris is a man of tremendous integrity," said Biggs, who coached Petersen under Sochor in 1985 and '86. "If he says he's not going to do something, which publicly he has said, he is not one to back away from that. That's just not who he is. He doesn't play games."

Neither of these really indicate anything. It doesn't seem like either has talked to Petersen about whether he's interested in moving away from Boise. Right now all outside public indications are that Petersen isn't going anywhere, so keep your hopes at 5% or less.

2. Cal and Colorado have contacted Gary Andersen

Gary Andersen, who guided Utah State to a 10-2 regular-season record and an outright Western Athletic Conference crown, apparently has moved toward the top of the coaching wish lists for both Cal and Colorado.

Sources indicate representatives from both schools have reached out to Andersen, 48, who in 2009 took over an Aggies program that hadn’t enjoyed a winning season since 1996.

This is one of those deals where I'm not sure what to make of it. Andersen is most definitely a talented coach.

The question is whether Andersen is really interested in moving outside of the state of Utah (a place he's coached nearly his entire career) and take up new roots in California or Colorado, or he's just trying to gauge interest so he can hopefully get additional contract assurances from Utah State to keep him. Cal seems especially daunting for a coach who's been at one place for much of his career.

3. Hue Jackson

There seems to be only one candidate who is publicly putting himself in the running for the position. It's nice to feel wanted!

"I think they can be as good as they want to be," Jackson told this newspaper Tuesday in a phone interview. "They should have an opportunity to compete for the Pac-12 championship, BCS bowls, the national championship. Why not Cal?"

Jackson, 47, was offensive coordinator at Cal in 1996. Currently coaching defensive backs and special teams for the Cincinnati Bengals, Jackson led the Raiders to an 8-8 record in 2011, his only as head coach in Oakland. He was the Raiders' offensive coordinator in 2010.

He stressed that he has not heard from anyone at Cal, but would welcome a call. "I'm sure I would. I see no reason not to," he said.

Honestly, the more Hue Jackson seems to publicly indicate he wants the job, the less I think he'll actually get the job. Jackson is openly lobbying for a job mid-season while the team he coaches for is 6-5 and in the midst of a playoff hunt. This kind of open love seems to be a bit self-aggrandizing, and I'm not sure if Sandy Barbour will go for that.

On the other hand, Jim Mora did the same type of lobbying last year and got hired, and look how that turned out!

5. Jeff Tedford not interested in Colorado job

And really, thank goodness. I don't want to face our old coach. It's not fun if we beat him and it's even worse if we lose to him. I hope he tries something outside the Pac-12, or hits up the NFL, or goes into TV. Something that affords him the opportunity to do a lot of yoga or meditation.

6. Mum's the word with Mike MacIntyre

The only thing we know is San Jose State is committed to trying to keep him a Spartan.

"We want Coach Mac to stay here," SJSU athletic director Gene Bleymaier said Wednesday. "He's done a phenomenal job. We're doing everything we possibly can to keep him. We've been working on that for months."

Those measures include looking to increase MacIntyre's salary, which is in the $450,000 range, and improving facilities. Bleymaier didn't specify whether the school was eyeing an extension or a renegotiation of his current deal, which runs through the 2017 season. But they are committed to working improving the program in all areas. "It's everything," Bleymaier said. "It's trying to improve the program in every way that we can. Give him the opportunity to try to continue to have the success we've had this year and build on that. We're working to develop a plan to make that happen."

Obviously, if Cal wants him, it'll be hard to see how they don't get him. Cal might have financial issues, but they should have no problem pooling resources together for MacIntyre.

7. Other candidates

Sonny Dykes: Interviewed for N.C. State.

Louisiana Tech Athletic Director Bruce Van De Velde hasn't returned calls to his cell phone after The News-Star learned of Dykes' interview, but he said earlier Tuesday evening that coaching situations across the country are "fluid," but "as far we know, no decision has been made yet."

"(Dykes and I) have been talking and assessing the situation if anything were to occur," Van De Velde said Tuesday evening.

Herm Edwards: Currently wearing pink socks on ESPN Audibles. This is probably code. Please decrypt.