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NFL Draft Cal history: Keenan Allen & Desean Jackson best Pac-12 WR tandem in the league

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Part 1 of our top 10 runs today. Part 2 comes tomorrow.

10. Running back  Justin Forsett, picked 233rd in 7th round by the Seattle Seahawks in 2008: Spending much of his time as a second back, Forsett had a solid NFL career, and eventually had one of the best rushing seasons in the league in 2014, getting yet another Pro Bowl appearance.

9. Offensive lineman Mitchell Schwartz, picked 37th in 2nd round by Cleveland Browns in 2012. Schwartz ihas been a great right tackle most of his career, and will hopefully he gets more recognition for his talents in Kansas City.

8. Defensive lineman Tyson Alualu, picked 10th in 1st round by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2010: Alualu has enjoyed a very solid workmanlike career with the Jags after shockingly becoming one of the highest drafted Golden Bears of the modern era. Jared Goff can join him this week as the only top 10 Cal picks of the 2000s.

7. Wide receiver Keenan Allen, picked 76th in 3rd round by San Diego Chargers in 2013. Allen is soaring to a fine NFL career, earning Rookie of the Year honors from numerous media people who bestow such awards. Allen has 215 catches in three seasons and is on pace to a great pro career.

6. Wide receiver Desean Jackson, picked 49th in 2nd round by Philadelphia Eagles in 2008: A three time Pro Bowler, Desean has dazzled the NFC East with long runs and boosted high powered offenses for most of his career.