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Colorado Coaching Staff Rumors: Who Will Mike MacIntyre Bring From San Jose State?

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Mike MacIntyre will be trying to bring several coaches along from San Jose State, including defensive coordinator Kent Baer, offensive coordinator Brian Lindgren, and defensive line coach Jim Jeffcoat.

Justin Sullivan

The Colorado Buffaloes have already hired Mike MacIntyre, but they have yet to figure out who his assistants might end up being. Who's coming along for the ride?

MacIntyre has three names in mind that he wants to join him from San Jose State.

Let's take a look at each of these candidates.

Kent Baer (defensive coordinator/linebackers coach): Baer has been a pretty good defensive coordinator for quite awhile. He was at Cal from 1987-1991 during the Bruce Snyder era. He was at Stanford and Notre Dame during the best years of the Ty Willingham era, and has presided over top-25 teams on several occasions. There's no doubt San Jose State had a pretty good defense this year in the WAC (top-25 in points allowed overall!)

Baer was given interim head coach duties for the bowl game. But with Carragher getting hired, it's looking like Baer will aim for upward mobility and join MacIntyre in Colorado.

Brian Lindgren (offensive coordinator): Lindgren is a bit greener compared to Baer, having four years of experience coordinating the offense at Northern Arizona and one at San Jose State. Lindgren definitely looks like one of those young up-and-comers who can try and revitalize the moribund Buffs offense.

Jim Jeffcoat (defensive line coach): Jeffcoat's defensive lines definitely made all the difference, bottling up the run and making it hard for Spartan opponents to get going on the ground. Without a strong passing attack, teams had trouble beating San Jose State.

It remains to be seen who else MacIntyre will look to hire, but these are the obvious candidates up to this point. Will they be able to turn Colorado around?