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Can the Colorado Buffaloes compete for the Pac-12 South title?

Is Ralphie for real?

Colorado v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Taylor Henry: I'm just gonna throw this out there. Why can't Colorado win the South?

Jeremy Baird: Not enough talent.

Avinash: Don’t get ahead of yourself Ralphie.

Taylor: They have a really favorable schedule left. Their toughest game in the south is USC on the road. Utah comes to Boulder. ASU comes to Boulder. UCLA comes to Boulder. And you say not enough talent? They have 2-3 NFL caliber DB's, so I'm not sure how UCLA is going to be able to pass the ball.

Jose Bouquett: Honestly don’t even know if Colorado plays Washington State this year but its that kind of team that I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost to.

Taylor: I'm not saying they're gonna win the South. But to say UCLA has shown more in 2 losses than the rest of the division is a joke to me. What more would you want to see? Went to the Big House and was winning in the 3rd Q until their QB got hurt. Went to Autzen with a freshman making his first start and won.

Gabey Lucas: I'm gonna be half of an ally to Taylor and say I'm not predicting CU to win the south but it also wouldn't shock me; this is equal parts due to the South being a s%*tstorm and due to Ralphie's improvement.

Taylor: Im just saying you can't write them off. Different team, different feel, same talent and same belief.

Gabey: But yeah I'd agree - not gonna say they will but I'm not prepared to say they couldn't.

AndyBurnett: Taylor, my man, there are still 8 conference games left. CU has won one. I admire the passion but let's chat about CU contending when it is November