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Oregon Football: Ducks Race Alabama, Kansas State, Notre Dame For Title Shot

Our latest Pac-12 roundtable investigates whether Oregon is able to stay ahead of Alabama, Kansas State, and Notre Dame to finish in the top of the BCS National Championship rankings if they go undefeated.

Jonathan Ferrey

If Oregon, Notre Dame, Kansas State and Alabama all win out, which two teams do you see ending up in Miami?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes - Alabama and Notre Dame. This would be such a dream matchup for the NCAA and the network that has the game that they will probably do whatever they can to make sure it happens.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack - Alabama and Oregon/Kansas State. I think that it would be really close between Oregon and Kansas State. I have reached the point where I think Oregon is going to run through the conference fairly untested this season, and remain a strong #2 in the polls. The question will be the difference in computer rankings and whether there is enough to keep K-State over Oregon, as Oregon's SOS will continue to improve in November. Notre Dame is almost assuredly out. If you look at their BCS numbers, they are only above Oregon by a hair and games against Pitt, Wake Forest, and Boston College will send their computer rankings way down. To vault them ahead of either Oregon or Kansas State long term would require human voter shenanigans en masse that are completely unprecedented.

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam - Alabama and Kansas St. There will be considerable political pressure to put Notre Dame in, but Kansas St.'s November schedule will support their success so far. The Wildcats' backing out of the Oregon game is going to come up, but I don't think that will matter to the powers that be as much as to Pac-12 / west coast fans. Recall the Texas/California debacle.

Personally, I think Oregon is clearly one of the best 2, but I'm afraid Duck fans are about to find out what its like to be a Boise St. fan (which they will NOT like). I also believe this scenario will underscore the need for the expanded, 4 team playoff. I'd like to think it would prompt enough uproar to force the 4 team deal to start after this year, similar to how last year forced the idea of an expanded playoff at least onto the table.

Anthony Cassino, UW Dawg Pound - It doesn't really matter, because whoever makes it there is getting shredded by Alabama. Have you seen them? They're insane. In the unlikely event that all of those teams go undefeated (and you can throw Louisville in there too), I'd bet Notre Dame goes with Bama, and that would be just awful. The Domers are the team that has the smallest chance against the Tide (read: zero), but because they're Notre Dame they get special treatment and this year that might be a shot at the title.

If it were up to me, I'd send Oregon and Alabama because I think that'd be the best game, but also because the lead up of Saban versus Kelly's system would be fantastic.

Jon Woods, Ralphie Report - If Oregon continues to win like they have been all season, I think that we will still see Kansas State and Notre Dame have both had amazing seasons, but I don't believe it will be enough to put them into the championship game. It's will be interesting to see how much the rest of Oklahoma's season effects the Irish and Wildcats. If the Sooners win out, that will give each of them a road win over a top 5-10 team.