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Oregon Football: Who's The Most Important Duck; Barner, Mariota, Or Thomas?

In Oregon's triple threat backfield, who's the most important Duck: De'Anthony Thomas, Kenjon Barner, or Marcus Mariota?

Stephen Dunn

If you had to rank the importance of the three members of the Duck backfield, how would you rank them? Kenjon as the workhorse, Marcus as the distributor, and De'Anthony as the home run threat/decoy?

Josh Schlichter, Fish Duck & Pacific Takes: Probably as listed, but Kenjon is far and away the most important. Without Kenjon, Oregon doesn't have a consistent, every down back. Even if Marcus is playing out of his mind, Bryan Bennett could probably still run the offense with similar potency. De'Anthony doesn't fit a role, per say, so while his talent is unmatchable, he is relatively replaceable in the Oregon offense.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack:
This is really an unfair question, because you take any one of those guys out and the offense isn't nearly as potent. As spectacular as he is, DeAnthony Thomas is probably the least important. You need Kenjon Barner, as he's an elite every down back, and a guy that Oregon doesn't really have a replacement for on the roster. But there is also no way the Ducks win the USC game without Marcus Mariota. Its become evident that Bryan Bennett really is that big a drop off.