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Oregon Football: Kenjon Barner, Ducks Ready To Continue Unstoppable March

The Oregon Ducks seem unlikely to stop on their march to the BCS National Championship game, as Kenjon Barner is filling in capably into the role of LaMichael James and few opponents remain who can seriously challenge them.

Stephen Dunn

Let's say I'm an annoying ESPN moderator who asked you to pick between LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner. Who would you take first?

Josh Schlichter, Fish Duck & Pacific Takes: Kenjon's great, don't get me wrong, but LaMichael James was literally the perfect running back for Chip Kelly's offense. A lot of LaMike's best work went unnoticed, because it is incredibly hard to see just how hard it is to read some of Oregon's blocking schemes from a running back's perspective. James was a master at knifing through zone blocks, especially when the defense had penetrated the offensive line, annd while Kenjon has stepped up and filled LaMichael's shoes, I'd take a healthy LMJ over any running back playing right now.

Raymond Mencke, Autzen Zoo: I'm taking Kenjon Barner as LaMichael James never put up numbers anywhere near what Barner did to USC over the weekend. James was an electric college runner but it hasn't translated to the NFL where Barner could be an everyday back.

Who concerns you most of your final three formidable conference opponents: Stanford, Oregon State, or potential Pac-12 South champion?

Josh Schlichter, Fish Duck & Pacific Takes: The only way to beat Oregon is to stop them. I don't see Stanford or OSU coming close to doing that. USC definitely doesn't have a shot at slowing Oregon down, but they have the best shot (outside of UCLA) at scoring with Oregon. So while Oregon would still beat USC handily in Autzen, the Trojans are the most dangerous of team to the Ducks right now.

Raymond Mencke, Autzen Zoo: The only game that would concern me a little bit is the Civil War against Oregon State. Oregon State is a lot better than anyone expected going into the season and its an in-state rival so records don't really matter. Oregon should win this game but it might be closer than what we would expect.

What are you looking for from Oregon this week against Cal as they prep for the home stretch?

Raymond Mencke, Autzen Zoo: This is going to be a blowout and will probably be over by halftime. You just want to get the starters in and out of the game without any injuries.