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Oregon Football Jerseys Are Self-Aware For The 2013 Fiesta Bowl

The Oregon Ducks will be wearing jerseys that change color, space, time, and the universe against Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl.


You might not be aware of this, but the Oregon Ducks seem to be big fans of changing jerseys after every game so we can all go wooo look at those jerseys those guys must be really hip and stuff. It will at some point earn them a runway in Milan, at which point we can all stop worrying about the football games they play and start realizing they're all just trying to get a reality show on E!

So here are Oregon's Fiesta Bowl jerseys, which will hopefully be the final step before uniforms start designing themselves.

So now Oregon has decided to experiment with the entire color spectrum. I presume the next step will be either to create retro uniforms that turn the whole world black-and-white so that the only thing that shines through is the Mighty Duck uniforms.

Kansas State will be wearing purple. They really don't know Oregon hasn't lost to purple in over a decade, right?