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Oregon Football: Chip Kelly Departs, And The Ducks Recalibrate With Mark Helfrich

Chip Kelly might be gone, but his offense coordinator Mark Helfrich has taken over and look to keep the Ducks humming.


How much do you think Chip Kelly's exit will affect Oregon next season? Will they not skip a beat, or will they regress a bit?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes:
I don't think losing Kelly will have a big immediate impact with how much experience and talent the Ducks have returning and with Mark Helfrich essentially sticking to Kelly's system, but I think it will be impossible not to simply because Kelly had the bar so incredibly high. I think the biggest thing will be to see if the Ducks can replicate Kelly's halftime adjustments. Not having his brain on the sidelines to make adjustments on the fly is what I could see costing them a game or two they might not have lost under Kelly next season.

Jack Blanchat, Rule of Tree:
Here's what I wrote after Kelly left: Don't expect Oregon to fall off the map all of a sudden because their roster is still full of young, dynamic players, all of their coaches won't be picking up and leaving and they still have a ridiculous infrastructure built around football... But at the same time, let's not skip over what this will mean to Stanford and the Pac-12: It's hard to see the Ducks posting Chip Kelly's 46-7 over the next four years.

Adam Butler, PacHoops: Change scares people. It's new, different, and uncomfortable and that's why the Ducks stayed in house. They've done as little as possible to expose themselves to mass changes and so, assuming Helfrich has been taking notes, I expect Oregon to not skip a beat. Kelly has known he was going to do this for many moons and preparing his successor to be great the whole while.

Norcalnick, California Golden Blogs:
I suspect that Chip's departure will be similar to Jim Harbaugh's departure from Stanford. When Harbaugh left, many wondered if losing an obviously brilliant coach would cost Stanford multiple games in the standings. But Harbaugh had left such a wealth of talent, and such a strong system, (and the best quarterback in football) that Buddy Teevens might have been able to win 8 games. As it turns out, David Shaw is almost certainly a pretty good coach, but that shouldn't diminish the incredible foundation Harbaugh left.

I don't see how Oregon is much different. Helfrich may or may not be up to the long term task of maintaining Oregon's stature, but I'm pretty confident he can do it at least for a year or two just based on what Kelly has left behind.