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Oregon football offensive line: Tyler Johnstone, Matt Hegarty, Doug Brenner aim to protect Ducks QB

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Left tackle Tyler Johnstone returns to practice after injury [Fox Sports]: "A day after being carted to the locker room with an undisclosed injury, left tackle Tyler Johnstone returned to Oregon's fall camp without any sign of a limp."

Quick Quacks: Day 2 Practice Quick Hitter [Matt Prehm, Duck Territory]: "Tyler Johnstone's injury doesn't appear to be much of a big deal. He was seen running out of practice without any sign of a limp or hindrance. Good news for Oregon. He later returned to practice moments later saying he was good to the onlookers he passed by."

New Oregon teammates Doug Brenner and Notre Dame transfer Matt Hegarty working well together on Ducks' offensive line [Steve Mims, The Register Guard]: "It could have been an uncomfortable conversation during the spring when Matt Hegarty arrived at an Oregon football practice on his recruiting visit and stood next to Doug Brenner. "

Greatwood Breaks Down The Line [Keeler McJunkin, Duck Territory]: " spoke with Oregon offensive line coach Steve Greatwood after today's practice."

An Oregon offensive line comes together like no other in the woods outside of Ashland [Jason Quick, The Oregonian]: "They were in the middle of the woods in remote Southern Oregon when Doug Brenner bolted from the group, shirt off, and feet turning up dust, nobody quite sure what had gotten into the wild and woolly center for the Oregon Ducks."

Preseason camp opens with Lockie leading the way [Rob Moseley,]: ""You've got to earn that respect," junior guard Cameron Hunt said. "It can't be, you're the next guy in line, so it's given to you. You've got to earn it. And he's done a great job.""

Oregon Football Analysis: O-Line Protection Creates BIG Plays for Ducks [Jeremy McGuire, Fish Duck]: "Fans normally do not see the importance of pass protection when watching games on Saturdays. However, the most important concept in a successful, big-play offense is the ability of the offensive line to consistently perform. "