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WATCH: Alabama Sorority Video spoofed by Oregon Ducks mascot

Oregon finally beats Alabama.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Oregon Ducks have been waiting a long time to settle things on the field, but fate just keeps on dealing their potential title matchups a blow. In 2012 Oregon and Alabama seemed like both were headed toward a potential game before losses knocked one of them out of the picture. In 2013 Stanford and Auburn took away their chance, and in 2014 Ohio State upset both of them on their way to a national championship.

So one of the most hotly anticipated battles between Saban-ball and Quack Attack has remained a distant afterthought. So the Ducks have had to resort to off the field hi-jinx where Oregon can claim their supremacy.

A University of Alabama sorority recently released the hilariously bad sorority recruitment video seen below. It was taken down from YouTube for reasons of being silly, ridiculous and cheerfully highlighting decades of racial insensitivity and institutional racism present in the Alabama sorority system. But it's been re-uploaded by others.

With plenty of other sorority videos being released as of late, Oregon has responded with a sorority video of their own. Come join the Duck at Autzen Stadium!

It's clever. It's funny. And I'm so glad the offseason is almost over.