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Pac-12 final bracketology: Oregon a 1 or 2 seed, Utah a 3 seed, Cal & Arizona 5 seeds

7 Pac-12 teams are dancing

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon Ducks, 1 seed: Oregon's smashing of Utah might have come just at the right time; Villanova and Virginia losses yesterday might be just enough for the Ducks to squeeze through with their strength of schedule and dominance over the Pac-12. It's unclear if they'll be a 1 seed, but at the very least they will be a 2 and hosting their first game in Spokane. And in the end they're very likely to be in the West region, which gives them a very good draw to get to the Final Four.

Utah Utes, 3 seed: Utah's inability to handle Oregon shouldn't punish them in the least--Utah will be off to Denver and will be heavy favorites to advance to the Sweet 16. Utah's near perfect final several weeks will pay off with great seeding.

California Golden Bears and Arizona Wildcats, 5 seeds: The Pac-12 favorites going into the season will have to settle for the 4 to 6 seed range and hope for a trip to Spokane or Denver to stay on the West Coast. Both Cal and Arizona will be potential sleepers in whatever bracket they land in.

Colorado Buffaloes, 7 or 8 seed: Colorado's wins over Oregon and Arizona are paying high dues, and might lift the Buffs out of the dreaded 8 seed hole.

USC Trojans, 8 or 9 seed: I don't know what to make of this team. They faded to the finish but generally lost only to the top four teams in the conference. USC shouldn't be too severely punished, but their road to the second week is formidable.

Oregon State Beavers, 9 or 10 seed: The Beavers have to thank their stars they beat Utah, Oregon, and Cal; losing any one of those games might have put them on bubble watch. But they're save.