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NFL Draft, Pac-12 edition: DeForest Buckner a potential top five pick

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Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oregon Ducks might have another potential top five prospect in DeForest Buckner. Buckner jumps off the page as a great pass rusher and could be someone a team picks up to upgrade their pass rush in short order.

Buckner is a great defensive end. He not only has outstanding athleticism, he backs up his game with all-around effort. Buckner has helped keep Oregon's defense from falling apart entirely despite lack of depth at other spots, and ensured the Ducks didn't completely collapse defensively. Buckner also tackles a lot for a defensive end, lending credence to the idea that he could be an outside linebacker and play multiple positions on the field.

Buckner is being projected as a top ten pick in most spots, perhaps even going in the top 5. He's strong, impressive after the snap, and just a large person. His only drawback is that his size might limit his maneuverability in open field. Lots of teams are looking for athletic defensive ends, and Buckner looks like he could fit the bill.