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Oregon Ducks in NFL Draft: DeForest Buckner guaranteed; what about Vernon Adams?

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Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The Oregon Ducks don't have a huge list of NFL prospects this season. They have one sure fire blue chipper and one possible big name who could see himself get picked late.

Defensive end DeForest Buckner, first round pick: There aren't that many defensive ends available in the 2016 NFL Draft, but Buckner is definitely one of them. Buckner is projected as a top ten pick in many circles and won't be on the board after the first round. Buckner is a mauler who will be one heck of a player at the next level.

Quarterback Vernon Adams, late round pick: Which team is going to take a flyer on Adams? Adams had one of the best seasons of any college football quarterback last year, but there are questions as to whether his talents are a good fit in the NFL. Adams has a great arm and knows how to go downfield, but can he make all the other throws to succeed at the next level. His mobility makes him a tantalizing option.