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Oregon Ducks NFL Draft history: Haloti Ngata best defender of past decade

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Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Defensive end Dion Jordan: 2013, 3rd pick, 1st round, Miami Dolphins: Jordan's career has just begun, but his potential is off the chart and he could become one heck of a defender down the line. His contract further sets him for life.

Linebacker Kiko Alonso: 2013, 46th pick, 2nd round, Buffalo Bills: Alonso had an insane season with Buffalo, then struggled this season. Alonso has proven to be a bona fide linebacker though, so don't think his career is close to being derailed.

Safety T.J. Ward: 2010, 38th pick, 2nd round, Cleveland Browns: Ward has become a solid pass defender in Cleveland, wracking up loads of tackles season after season.

Defensive back Patrick Chung: 2009, 34th pick, 2nd round, New England Patriots: Chung has become one of the most consistent defenders in the league and has become one of the longest-tenured Patriots.

Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata: 2006, 12th pick, 1st round, Baltimore Ravens: One of the best defensive tackles of the past decade, Ngata has enjoyed a decade of dominance in the league and won a Super Bowl with the Ravens.