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How well do Jordan Bell and the Golden State Warriors match?

Go to Addicted to Quack to learn more about the Ducks.

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The Oregon Ducks fans have to be happy, as they now have one of their top performers in March Madness joining the defending NBA champions. After the Chicago Bulls traded away their pick, Jordan Bell will be joining the Golden State Warriors!

A look at the stories trickling about Bell’s fit on the Warriors.

Here’s the draft profile for Bell for Tony Piraro to Addicted to Quack.

Jordan Bell reminds me of the former Seattle SuperSonic Shawn Kemp. Not to mention, Bell exhibits traits from his favorite player, Draymond Green. Regardless, both are game-changers on a basketball floor. If Bell portrays half their talent, he will be a star in the league.

Kemp was listed at 6-foot-10, but some say that number was grossly exaggerated. Don’t forget, Kemp’s offensive game evolved over time, but it was a work in progress. He did not enter the league as a finished product. Sounds familiar.

Jordan Bell’s relentless work ethic will shine bright with the Warriors [Cole Kundich, KNBR]: “Aside from the work ethic that the Warriors saw in Bell, his style of play seems like it can fit well with this Warriors squad. Green gave Bell a phone call following the draft to congratulate him, and it’s easy to see why the newly crowned NBA Defensive Player of the Year is excited. Bell has been regarded by some as the most NBA-ready defender in the draft pool, and similarly to Green, Bell can protect the rim and switch on the perimeter to match up on guards. Standing at just six-foot-nine, Bell will have to prove if he can defend against bigger centers. Whether or not he can do that on a nightly basis is to be determined, but the Warriors might be able to find times where they can play Bell at the 5 when they want quicker lineups on the court.“