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Oregon State Football: Beavers Need To Get Offense Going, Face Stiff Challenges Ahead

The Oregon State Beavers need to get their offense going and prepare for some stiff tests ahead before their big battle with Oregon. Andy Wooldridge of Building The Dam and Jon Irwin of Northwest Sports Beat discuss.

Steve Dykes

When looking at last week's performance, what was the aspect that most concerned you about how Oregon State performed?

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam: That Oregon St. struggled to sustain offensive drives, in part because of how conservative the game plan was. I expected and hoped for an offensive performance closer to what the Beavers turned in in Provo. That Brandin Cooks only had 1 catch and 3 touches really surprised me; I believe he has to have more opportunities to make difference making plays.

Jon Irwin, Northwest Sports Beat: The offensive line received praise for not giving up any sacks, but I think that's overshadowing their entire performance. The run game was non existent—52 total rushing yards—and that's because they weren't keeping lanes open. More times than not, Storm Woods either got bumped outside, stuffed at the line, or tackled for a loss. The line never gave him any room to run. As a result the offense never found a rhythm, except when in the redzone.

Other than the Civil War, which game do you expect to provide the stiffest challenge to knocking off a BCS bid for the Beavers?

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam: Arizona St. They can score points, and for a change, under Coach Todd Graham, they don't make the mistakes, mostly penalties, that tend to afford opponents opportunities to beat them. Oregon St.'s offense at home hasn't been performing well on a consistent basis, and may leave the door open for the Sun Devils.

Jon Irwin, Northwest Sports Beat: At Stanford. They're weaker offensively than in years past, but that hasn't stopped them from putting up at least 50 points in two games this season. They already upset USC at home, whose pass centered offense is a lot like OSU's—big arm QB with an elite receiving duo.

That Cardinal defense is very good at stopping the run. Though the Beaver's don't thrive on it, they tend to fall on it in the second half. When they can't do that, the offense struggles.

Should be a very good defensive bout.