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Oregon State Football: Beavers Fans, What Would Be A Satisfying Finish To The Season?

The Oregon State Beavers have manageable expectations going forward for the rest of the season. Andy Wooldridge of Building The Dam and Jon Irwin of Northwest Sports Beat talk more Beaver football.

Steve Dykes

How do you predict the rest of the season going for Oregon State, and what would you consider a satisfactory finish to the season?

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam: 10-2, with something going wrong against someone in the next 3 games (at Washington, Arizona St., at Stanford), and the Ducks proving to still be too much to handle. Even 9-3 would be satisfactory, given original expectations were for 5-7 wins at most this year, as long as there isn't a game that's just given away by lack of preparation or bad decisions. That was a problem the last few years, but there haven't been signs of that this year.

Those are "lofty" numbers, given that there are only 6 wins in the books so far, but exclusive of Oregon, there are no "bad" matchups on the remaining schedule, where Oregon St. winning should be considered a surprise.

Jon Irwin, Northwest Sports Beat: I've kept a level head this season, but I'm pretty optimistic on how the season will end. I see an 11-1 finish, with OSU giving UO a run for their money in the Civil War—reminiscent of the 2009 War of the Roses—but falling short. Despite my optimism, I'm not going to say 10-2 or 9-3 isn't possible. They have a tough stretch of games to finish out the season, starting with this weekend at Washington.

At this point, the season's been more than satisfactory. They're already bowl eligible, and should have no problem finishing the season with 8-10 wins. It's a great improvement over last season.