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Oregon State Football: Beavers Defense Holding Its Own

The Oregon State Beavers defense has been their most consistent unit, and if not for the huge turnovers might have still beaten the Washington Huskies. Building The Dam and Northwest Sports Beat give their takes.

Otto Greule Jr

Was there anything encouraging about the way Oregon State played against Washington? Do you think there's anything for them to build on?

Andy Wooldridge, Building the Dam: Oregon St. still out-rushed and out-passed Washington, and they converted more third downs and picked up more first downs. As far as building on that, its just a matter of continually working to improve in all areas.

Jonathan Irwin, Northwest Sports Beat: The defense played another great game, especially with how often they were on the field. They had constant pressure on Keith Price, and there were several occasions where he had nobody open thanks to that Beaver secondary.

Mostly, I was impressed with the emergence of Richard Mullaney. When no one outside of Cooks could catch a pass, the redshirt freshman came in and had four for 70 yards. With Wheaton entering the draft after this season, Mullaney's someone to build on.

James Crabtree-Hannigan, Building the Dam: The Beaver defense played well, as they have all year. Both Washington touchdowns came on drives that started in Oregon State territory, and twice they tightened up and forced the Huskies into field goal attempts after long drives. Other than that and Cody Vaz's touchdown drive, there weren't any positives to take away from the loss.