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Oregon State Vs. Cal: Sean Mannion Tries To Lift Struggling Beavers

Oregon State quarterback Sean Mannion tries to lift the struggling Beavers against Cal. The crew from Building the Dam and Northwest Sports Beat talks all things Beavers.

Otto Greule Jr

Looking ahead to this week's matchup with Cal, what matchups are you looking for the Beavers to exploit and why?

Andy Wooldridge (AndyPanda), Building The Dam: Cal's secondary, and really, their entire defense, is suspect; Markus Wheaton and Brandin Cooks should both light the Bears up.

Robert (rvm), Building The Dam: Not to be too down on the Bears but honestly after this incredibly disappointing, and oh so close loss to Stanford I expect the Beavs to exploit all matchups against Cal. Beavs need to take this Stanford loss personally and take it out on the Bears in front of our home crowd. The Beavs have lost some of their controlling their own destiny but they still have some of that left if things work out in other games over the next few weeks (both their own and other games) and they need to make a statement. It is the final stretch and time to put the exclamation mark on a really good season.

Jon Irwin (j_irwin1704), Northwest Sports Beat: Well seeing how thin that defense is for Cal, I expect the OSU offense to absolutely roll at home. Markus Wheaton and Brandin Cooks should have no problem racking up 100+ yards receiving each. And after how strong he ran against Stanford, I think Storm Woods is also in for a really big game. This is one of those games where there really shouldn't be much contest.

James Crabtree-Hannigan (Figgi4life), Building The Dam: Anytime the Beavers have possession of the football, there will be 11 Cal players being exploited. Not many defenses in the country can handle all the weapons Oregon State's offense contains, and Cal's isn't even close to being one of them. They surrendered 50 points to Southern Utah, and 49 to Utah. They've held their opponents to under 30 points 4 times this year, under 25 just twice. The Bears shouldn't stand a chance.

What is your score prediction for Saturday's game against Cal and why?

Robert (rvm), Building The Dam: See my answer to #4 above! Go Beavs!

Jon Irwin (j_irwin1704), Northwest Sports Beat: 38-10 Beavers. Expect the offense to come out on all cylinders. And the defense shouldn't have much issue controlling the Bears, especially with how many turnovers they give up.

James Crabtree-Hannigan (Figgi4life), Building The Dam: 34-13 Beavs. Even with the Beavers' tendency to play down to their opponent, this one won't be close. Oregon State will be playing with a chip on its shoulder after losing to Stanford, and Cal is just the unlucky team who happens to run into the Beavers.