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Oregon State Football: Beavers Take Care Of Business Against Cal

The Oregon State Beavers took care of business against the California Golden Bears, winning in routine fashion in an absolute demolition.


Nice obliteration of Cal. What were the biggest positives you take from Saturday's win?

Jon (j_irwin1704), Northwest Sports Beat: Is "everything" too broad of an answer? The offense had amazing rhythm, Sean Mannion looked like his old self and the secondary was phenomenal. By far the best and most complete Beavers football this season. If they can move the ball like that against Oregon, it'll be an exciting Civil War. After his beastly touchdown run in the third quarter, I think Terron Ward is becoming my favorite Beaver.

Andy (AndyPanda), Building The Dam: The Beavers actually put a team away early, in the 2nd quarter, and ONLY 1 player was lost for the season in a game half of which was a practice scrimmage. The Bears were so bad its hard to read much into anything that happened, as far as it transferring to the future.

SB Nation Snippet

More coverage from Andy at Building the Dam of the Oregon state victory:

Oregon St.did what they were supposed to do Saturday night, which was to destroy an inferior opponent. Not many necessarily anticipated the degree to which the Beavers dominated the struggling Bears, however, as Oregon St. rolled up their second largest point total EVER against a league foe, and administered the worst defeat California has EVER suffered. (Which eclipsed Oregon's effort last week that held that distinction briefly, and may have been the final nail in the coffin containing coach Jeff Tedford's career at California.)

Before getting too carried away though, its important to remember that California is a team (seriously) degraded by injuries, with little motivation to persevere on a miserable night. Results might not transfer to other upcoming contests. At the same time, its worth noting that Oregon St. accomplished what they did by making appropriate risk/benefit decisions considering the circumstances.